At Design Week, the material that transforms roofs and walls into anti-climate-change gardens

A “green” plant-based external insulation for buildings. The material that transforms roofs and walls into gardens using rainwater, thermally insulating them and absorbing CO2 arrives in Italy. VIRIdiVITA is a Swiss patent and represents an important contribution to containing of climate change in our cities.

In Italy, VIRIdiVITA will be presented for the first time at Design Week from 15th to 21st April within the Poliuretano-è space in the Materially Pavilion at Superstudio Piu’ in via Tortona 27.

All the sustainable and technological innovations of flexible expanded polyurethane on display at Design Week

This year Poliuretano-è presents a project in partnership with Materially Now at the Superstudio Più in Via Tortona 27. The set-up of the exhibition space is made with flexible expanded polyurethane that will be reused or reutilized at the end of Design Week.